Email and domain Ukr

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Many of us are accustomed to thinking of the domain name and e-mail one. And it’s completely natural. Therefore, when there is information about starting a domain Ukr, one of the most frequent questions asked by our customers – whether to work on a domain Email Ukr?

If we consider the domain Ukr from a technical point of view – it is no different from the traditional domain in the Latin alphabet, and consequently, EMAIL to this domain can run. For example, the domain test.ukr eyes or server program looks like xn-e1aybc.xn--j1amh (data IDN domain should store encoded PUNICODE).

So EMAIL-address тест@тест.укр (eyes or program тест@xn--e1aybc.xn--j1amh xn--e1aybc@xn--e1aybc.xn--j1amh) will work if it is to type in the correct encoding. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to gain such an address, it is obvious that the necessary changes should make the program. According to the RFC of the user in Email-address can be almost any character including Cyrillic, without transcoding punycode.

To date, not a lot of software (e-mail server, user programs) are able to handle the Cyrillic domain. Also, not all software can correctly perceive the Cyrillic alphabet. Most filters email-addresses are only designed to Latin. Accordingly, there is a problem with the introduction of such addresses on various websites and user registration system.

The main reason – the software does not keep pace with the times. EMAIL performance standards for IDN exist, however, developers are in no hurry to implement them.

Age + matching domain

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The strategy of the respective domain does not work with the new domain, no matter how “super-duper” domain you have registered, Google does not trust the new domain (sandbox filter for newly sites has not been canceled). Therefore, the strategy: domain = keyword – to work, you must search among domain already registered.

It is not so easy, most domains with the exact occurrence of popular keywords have someone busy or too expensive. Thus, you should have a real reason for buying: if the site has a decent age, a lot of external links, exact match keyword, a good ratio CTR, high etc

Company Ukrnames nedavnozapustila service “Exchange Domain” on which to choose and buy just such a premium domains (you can look here). Yes, the prices of some transcendental domains just for us mere Ukrainian site owners, but there are very good domains for real money.

P.S. Ukrnames acts acts as a guarantor of the transaction purchase and sale of the domain.

Unsuitable (bad) domain names
For example, This domain, to put it mildly inconvenient, remember it is not real, and pohozhon more spam than the address of the site. At least in the first part of this post and said that the use of keywords in a domain name – a good strategy, but it works until the site name you can remember. But as soon as it exceeds the bounds of reason, the whole force compliance is lost. The domain should be as easy as possible and there should be no dash, otherwise your visitors will be its not that hard to play, it will be difficult even to remember.